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From: Venkata Ramana
Today's Date:

Dear Aspiring Affiliate Heavyweight,

f you want to start raking in serious commission checks from Affiliate Programs every single month like clockwork, top the leader board charts in every Joint Venture contest you're in, and automate your Affiliate Marketing business, this is going to be your best find on the Internet today...

... because we are giving away not one, not two... but over 10 instant, ready-to-go affiliate 'businesses-in-box'! (yes we said we are giving away)

Here's the gist...

If you're wondering how we manage to pull in fat affiliate paychecks like clockwork, our formula is pretty simple, really.

Here's how we would summarize it in 4 easy steps:

  1. Set up an affiliate squeeze page and drive in targeted traffic by the volumes.

  2. Redirect the visitor to the affiliate site immediately you are promoting, right after he signs up through our squeeze page.

  3. Collect the fresh, highly targeted leads to follow up with later.

  4. Stuff commissions into your pocket like clockwork!

Now you are probably thinking that we just gave away our best secret to recurring affiliate paydays. However the truth is that this formula is over-simplified. Not only is this affiliate 'payday recipe' totally under-used, most technically challenged and amateur affiliates will never get past even the first step we had just talked about.

And our suspicions were right.

So we teamed up and put our minds together with expert video producer Venkata Ramana who is fast emerging as the 'go-to-guy' in video and multi-media production.

And we're bringing you...

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"I'm Seeing My Conversions Running Up Constantly... And All I've Just Done is Have A Video Squeeze Page Up"

Hey guys,

As you know, videos are the most responsive communication tools on the internet because it stimulates visually together with sound. They are definitely more appealing than text.

That's why I'm seeing my conversions, be it opt-in rates or sales, running up constantly without doing too much work. And all I've just done is have a video squeeze page up.

Of course, I got the results because I'm using Affiliate Power Videos and I'm thoroughly convinced by the power of videos. With what you are offering, be it the paid or free memberships, there's no doubt that anyone who implements them, will see results and will love you guys for them.

Keep up the great work guys!

Eric Tan

When you join Affiliate Power Videos, we hand you over TEN of 100% ready-to-go affiliate 'businesses-in-box' that:

Is fully researched - we have identified a massive series of hot selling products in the marketplace with affiliate programs that have high demand and are proven to convert. We know it... because we've promoted these products with flying success ourselves!

Comes ready with affiliate video squeeze page - this is the core of Affiliate Power Videos and we guarantee you it will take your Affiliate Marketing results to the next level. Instead of the traditional squeeze pages you often see out there, you get your own video-oriented web page that can hypnotize your prospects to join your mailing list just before going to the merchant's website you are promoting for as an affiliate.

+PLUS You get 5 brand new sets of video squeeze pages to proven affiliate programs every single month!

All you have to do is slap in your affiliate link, upload the video squeeze pages to your website and start pocketing the commissions. It's as easy as that!

We could be easily selling this for at least $197, but in the spirit of helping as many beginning affiliates as possible, we are giving you Free Silver Entry Access to Affiliate Power Videos. However we cannot guarantee that this membership privilege will remain on this page forever (and we might remove it without notice!)

So get your Silver membership access now and start earning a comfortable living online, just selling other people's products!

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To Your Affiliate Success and See You Inside!

-- Venkata Ramana

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P.P.S. Here's just a short list of some of the praises and endorsements we pulled from our testimonials folder about Affiliate Power Videos...

"This Concept is THE Marketing Way For Many Years To Come..."

Click on the 'play' button to listen to Holger's audio message:

I'm a very cautious person, skeptical and in all these years, I have only written three testimonials. Must be the German in me.

I've bought, tried, cursed and used many products and none of the product lines impressed me. When I got the invitation to check out a new product, I thought, "Another one?"

But the name of the producers Calvin & Jonathan (I'm happy with past purchases from them) pushed my concerns aside. Then I saw the name of the product. Three words and they are the "Power" for "Affiliates" to use "Videos". I watched, analyzed (typical of me like when I'm buying a Bimmer - German slang for BMW), and I am impressed by their offer. And I know that this concept is THE marketing way for many years to come.

Look at the success of YouTube and other video services. This is an affiliate's dream come true. Turnkey with all the goodies.

And the best thing is, at the Silver level, you can get in for FREE. How is it possible for anyone to miss out on this?

Thanks guys, looking at your previous products, I think, I should have expected this great work from you without any doubt.

Holger Speth

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"Thanks for Multiplying My Success Rate A Hundred Fold!"

All I can say is...WOW!

I'm basically a newbie in Internet marketing and now I can confidently say that I have a fighting chance to succeeding online.

Creating a squeeze page was such a difficult task for me, I used to spend up to 10 hours just to come up with a decent one. Now, all I have to do is upload the videos to my server and concentrate on the important thing, which is driving traffic to my site.

Thanks guys for making this product available and much more for FREE. I'd gladly pay $97 for these videos.

Again, thanks for multiplying my success rate a hundred fold!

JP Mendez

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"The Regular Joe Marketer On A Budget Can Now Have Great Looking Sites Without Breaking Into The Bank..!"

Hey Calvin and Jonathan,

I just got a look at your new site, Affiliate Power Videos the other day, and Wow! I'm really impressed. The videos are top notch and really professional work. This definitely fills a void in the marketplace.

The big name "gurus" in the business can afford to go all out, and spend a ton of money putting these type of pages together. While small fry marketers can just afford to admire what these "gurus" have done.

But now, things are different. The regular Joe marketer on a budget can have the SAME great looking sites, without breaking into the bank. In fact, he can get it at a ridiculous price of $0, in other words, for FREE.

As always, you guys never cease to amaze me with your great products and offers!

I'm definitely a very happy customer!

B. Stone

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